Bringing a 77 year old friend to live in Argentina

Hello folks.

My name is Pablo. I used to live in the US in the past (for about 6 years) and returned to Argentina in 2007. While living there, my wife and I made a very good friendship with an person that I consider as my own father. His name is Roy. I dare to say I did really good in life l thanks to him and the people he introduced to me to do business with while I was living in America.

Roy is now 77 years old. He lives in the US and he is all by himself, with no family. So fkng sad... so we spoke today (as we do almost every day) and proposed him to come here and live in Argentina.

I will provide my friend with a very nice appartment and help him out with all his living expenses, although he gets a social security check for USD 1,100 every month.

Im not concerned about him living legally in the country. I will help him get a retiree visa by depositing an additional $1,000 on his US account every month so he can get to the $30.000 -pesos- per month he needs to obtain a retiree visa. My main concern is healthcare.

Do you guys have experience or know any local insurance Company that would accept a 77 year old expat? I spoke with Swiss Medical today and they said "NO" even before I finish my question. Roy is in excellent shape, even better than me and Im 42. Are there any companies in the US that can provide health insurance locally? How do you manage your health issues with no health insurance in here? Public hospitals?

Also, are there any expats group in La Plata (Buenos Aires) he can visit?

Regarding paperwork, should we start with the requirements for the Visa while he's there, or do it all from here?

Thank you all.

Pablo :.


I have Medicus insurance and there is supposed to be a discount for expats if you go through Guillermina Providenti <> You can ask her if there are any age restrictions. I think he can qualify for a DNI as a Jubilado with $1100. a month income. He will need to make an appointment at the Social Security department of the American Embassy and get a written letter from them verifying his monthly income for life. He should get an income verification letter from SS in the states, but it will be in English. If he does it here they will give him one in Spanish. They tend to be understaffed so he may want to contact them before coming and try to schedule an appointment. He should get a FBI criminal report done just before he comes here.


If the Social Security Monthly Benefit letter is from the USA I believe it will need the Apostille and have to be translated in Argentina and the translation will have to be legalized in Argentina. The letter is available on line at the Social Security (.gov) website if he he registers for a "My Social Security" on line account. I suggest checking to see if a downloaded document can receive the Apostille.

Several years ago the cut off age to be eligible for the low Medicus rate was 64 years and six months. Two years ago I inquired at OSDE about getting a policy for a (then) 68 year old friend with no health problems. The rate for the lowest level of coverage (with at least a six months waiting period to cover serious problems) was $17,000 pesos per month!

As jantango has posted in a thread Free Health Coverage For All In The City Of Buenos Aires the public option appears to be very attractive.
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Rich One

OSDE for over 65 requires a battery of exams and then a Committee will decide on the Monthly rate. Which would be more like three times the NORMAL rate . Imagine if Steve got a quote of $17,000 two years ago ....What it would be today, maybe 50% more..!

Must call and find out.


I would invite Roy down for a visit to see if he can actually handle living in a country like Argentina. Even though he is alone in the US, it is still his home and some kind of safety net is in place though it may be precarious.
I tried to bring an elderly person from Argentina to the US and after 1 year it was obvious that this person was very unhappy so decided it best to return home. Older folks can have difficulty adapting to big changes.

John Doe

Without a DNI,he will have to leave Argentina, every 90 days..
My Hospital Britanico monthly charge is only, a mere $10,028.Ouch !
I thought that the last Argentina President C-FK signed something to the effect that there would be no age discrimination,when applying for medical insurance.
I think that his moving to Argentina would be a mistake. Not knowing Spanish will be a big problem.A 77 year old will not learn Spanish.That would be one of many problems.What the heck is a kilo?
I think that he should try to find a place to live in the U.S., where seniors pay low rent . There are probably senior social groups at churches in his area.


I considered bringing my mother to Argentina to live. The health insurance issue made it impossible. She's well covered in the US with Medicare and inexpensive supplemental insurance. The cost for private insurance in Argentina was astronomical when I checked nearly ten years ago. Your friend should stay in the US. If he can't afford his rent there is subsidized housing. I know people who live in it and what they have is good. Regarding the law and health insurance for seniors, as long as you have ten years or more in a private insurance company they cannot increase your rate beyond the normal inflation increases. Prior to this law (pased during the Kirchner years), at age 65 or 66 rates would go up as much as 100%. If you are applying new to a health insurer, they don't have to accept you and they can charge what they want which is always sky high. Your friend could rent an apartment in BA for a couple of ,months a year. That might give him something to look forward to. He could get short term travel insurance.