Bringing A Dog Into Argentina


Aug 23, 2012
Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone on here had any experience bringing dogs and/or other pets into Argentina recently. Is the process difficult? Just looking for any information from people who have done this, and thoughts on bringing a dog in the cargo hold. It just seems so cruel to me... Is there anyway to bring a pet on a ship? (Other than flying to Montevideo and bringing him across on Buquebus of course) Thank you all in advance
I haven't done this but I am currently researching the same thing. My husband and I are moving to BA in February from Seattle and are bringing 2 small dogs. From what I have researched, there are several airlines that will let you bring your dog in the cabin (depending on the dog's size)even on international flights. As for restrictions, you need to get a health certificate within 7 days of leaving. Your animal will then need to be inspected when you arrive. They also must have a microchip. We have flown with our dogs several times within the USA, and these are the same procedures we have had to follow. However, there are additional restrictions if you are coming from countries other than the US, Canada, England, and several others.

* if your dog is small enough to fit in a cabin crate, then obviously that's the thing to do, else:
* check your dog as 'luggage' - it flies in the cargo hold (temperature controlled, pressurized etc) on the same flight as you
* else, you ship it cargo.

We shipped our dog cargo. If we do this again, I'm going to do things differently and make sure that I'm on the same flight as the dog. On the argentine side of things, my understanding is it's a lot easier if you're on the same flight as your dog.

Here's an overview of the process if you ship your dog cargo (as in your dog flies solo - without you):
Awhile back I think I read that it became mandatory to use customs brokers at EZE if the dog is not in the cabin with its owners.

We shipped our dog here in 2012. I'm not sure if this is the same as if the pet travels in cargo. But getting him out of the airport was a nightmare.

We could see him waiting for us but we had to spend an hour + running around, filling out forms and paying fees before we could take him.

Poor guy, we couldn't even give him water.

My understanding is that now it costs about $2000US for the brokers to handle this.

Please don't rely on this information until you verify it for yourself.