Bringing Books Into Argentina


Aug 15, 2016
Hello, I am wanting to bring about 500 hymnals into Argentina for our faith group. Does anyone have experience in bringing books from the States?
We travel back and forth. Every year we fill a carry-on size bag with 50 lbs of books and check it. It's always searched by TSA and that's it.
What kind of carry-on bag do you have that can hold 50 lbs of books? How big is the bag, what is it made of and what is the brand? The choice if colors is not important. I'd like to ask how you are able it get in and out of the overhead bin? Sorry, it's the 2 of you with the help of 1 or 2 flight attendants.
Isn't it nice that people are still taking Laura Bush's advice? "Read a book".Who she? Google her.
Just a light /strong bag with no wheels, which can hold lot of books or 23 kg with o problem and check in
I use a Samsonite carry-on, books are heavy, when it's full it ways 50 lbs. I check the bag, it's freakin heavy.
If you had used the word "tote bag"or small suitcase to decribe the bag, there wouldn't have been any misunderstanding. I thought that you carried on the "carry on".
Carry on,folks. On to the next post.
And they expect uneducated people from Central America to learn English? I got some education and I'm having trouble.