Bringing cats to BA


May 18, 2009

I was wondering if anyone has brought their cats to BA recently and if you have any advice for me. The cats will be arriving about 2 weeks after we get to BA.

Also, For the return trip to the US, is there anything I should know?

There is a lot of info on this website about shipping cats. The main thing is you have to have papers from your vet, to certifiy them as healthy, and also a rabies vaccine NO less than 30 days before they travel. Google here or online about shipping internationally and all the can do it yourself, that is have someone take them to the airport and's just the paper work that needs to be correct and the size of the kennel. I hired a company and it was expensive but peace of mind it was done correctly.

***be sure to keep copies of all the paper work with you for proof when you pick them up at EZE....

For the return...same with the rabies...if you are going to be here less than 3 years don't do the 3 year rabies vaccine in the the one year and then you will have to do a rabies shot, one year, before you leave. There is also lots of info on that here too....
Cats are easy to ship. Simply place them in a baggie and apply the correct postage. They will arrive at the main post office in Centro. other thing ...if you have a choice of airlines to ship your cats go w/ Continental...they have a special cargo area for pets and the shipper I used in the states as well as one I contacted here in BA uses them on a regular basis.

Contact the airlines...look on their websites...they have info there on the requirements. Or just look up a professional pet shipper, their websites usually have all the info you need.

The health certificate you get from your Vet can only be done 10 days prior to shipping.

Best of luck!!