Bringing My Dog To Ba


Mar 14, 2015
Hi all,

Fellow dog lovers - I'm potentially coming to BA (from California) to work for ±4 months and will most likely be bringing my dog with me.

Can anyone share their experience? I would like to know about the reception facilities at BA airport - can I be sure that my dog will be received in good hands/not left on the runway in the heat/cold etc? He has flown before (AMS > LAX) so I am going into this aware of the issues/stress/cost/equipment/vaccinations etc.

Secondly, how easy/hard is it to find short-term, furnished accomodation with a dog in a good area of the city?
The city in general is dog friendly. Many many people own dogs. I don't know about the short term rental market with dogs, altho when I first came with my dog I had no problem negotiating the dog. Also I have observed a lot of people don't even mention they have dogs but on move in day, there they are...
I suspect most landlords will be fine with your dog if you offer an extra security deposit or something. GS Dirtboy on this forum manages apartments here and maybe be able to give a more professional opinion
though make sure your dog does not bark for nothing all day long and be a nuicanse for your poor neighbors.
Pay attention to airline restrictions regarding seasonal temperatures and animal travel as well as type of dog restrictions (breeds with inherited respiratory issues can be prohibited.) Initially I got lucky on a short term that accepted my dogs but am now being challenged finding a new place that will accept them.
If your only in BA for 4 months, I'd leave the dog in the U.S. with a friend or family. Traveling is very stressful for a dog and you and could be dangerous as well.
I had a friend bring a dog from London to EZE and they were really good to her dog at the airport - allowed her to actually go sit with him while the paperwork was being processed, etc. I suppose if you've got a balanced/easy going dog I'd be more apt to transport him for just 4 months. And you said he's traveled before (is AMS Amsterdam?) - so you know what it involves. Good luck!
Thanks all - I've just realised that there are no direct flights from California to BA. I am not willing to put myself and the dog through the stress of a two leg journey for such a short period. And *all* the direct flights from the US ot EZE go from Miami, Dallas or Atlanta and would subject to temperature bans at the time I would be flying (June/July). So, I am looking into shortening my stay in BA :( and doing a 2-3 month long term board at a cage free facility. I live in a military area so there are quite a few ranch-based, long-term facilities around.

Meri, yes we did Amsterdam to LAX with him. Ceviche, had a barking dog as a neighbour? No, he barks exactly when he needs to (i.e. when someone he doesn't know tries to get into his house). I trained my boy very well!
SherbertDip, we all have a barking dog as a neighbour. Not enough people train their boys well.
I live next door to a bloke who has 9, yes 9, Chihuahua's. They don't bark. They shriek. All day. And night. So I feel your pain :)