Britain's Got Talent

That's one of the best posts I've seen on this forum. It filled my heart and we both cried real tears, knowing that anything is possible.
Thank you
Marc y Adriana
Hello Marc y Adriana,It is nice to know you have also enjoyed it. He had me in tears too. Seeing that this actually happened to a real person is refreshing. I know quite a few incredibly talented people who never had a shot. Paul Potts looks like someone who's had a really rough ride and still worked hard to develop his talent. Congratulations to him! I think he taught us all a big lesson. CheersErnie
Paul's humility is I think what impressed me the most. His talent is extra ordinary that to package that with such humility made him even more endearing and lovable.
Thanks Ernie for sharing.
I think the part where he was crying because everyone was applauding him was the best he was so cool!