British Food & Drink

Jeff Screeton

Apr 20, 2010
Hello everyone

We’d like to introduce a new service for you that aims to provide you with the best of British food and drink.

We’re working very closely with a wide range of food producers and small breweries to offer a wide portfolio of your favourite British products. By adopting a collaborative approach to distribution and shipping we are able to keep costs low and make exporting more attractive to food and drink companies so that you can have more choice.

Initially we are starting with bottled beers and expanding via specialist juices/cordials/bottled waters/chocolates/condiments all crafted by artisan British producers. We are talking to food technology specialists with a view to investigating the potential for chilled products so that (a little way down the line) you can choose from a range of cheeses, pastries and meat products.

Why not help us along by sending us your wish list? What would you like on your plate this week and what would you like most of all to wash it down with? Please drop us a note to [email protected] or if you’re on Skype please look me up and give me a call.

Jeff Screeton
[email protected]
+44 (1832) 734055

Skype: jeffscreeton(kettering)
I would be a steady customer for Marmite, and know at least six more people who also love it.
if you start selling twiglets, the money I'll spend on them will ensure you're a bigger company than Quilmes within a year! :)
Marmite. KP skips and my Mums home made cooking :)
Newcastle brown ale!!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeee

for British food...mmmmm I cant think of anything!!! haha
argsteve said:
newcastle brown ale!!!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeee

for british food...mmmmm i cant think of anything!!! Haha
trust you steve,,,fish and chips first up for me,,then the newcy brown...;)
Great idea. Just pease don't ship bottled water. Scratch that off the list. Thank you. :D
Newcastle brown, salt and vinegar crisps, Twiglets (as mentioned earlier), vegetarian products (Linda Macartney), Cadburys cream eggs (or any chocolate that doesn't taste of plastic), Digestives, those sachets of spices for sausage casserolle, Yorkshire tea, Wensleydale cheese or some actual cheddery chedder for a change!...ah, the list could go on.
I can only speak for myself but it's the big UK brand stuff I miss the most and I think there's a real gap in the market for some not-extortionate UK/US imported products for expats. I personally probably wouldn't buy (and wouldn't be able to afford on a local salary) artisanal foods from the UK - it's the supermarket stuff I miss the most :)
Imported bottled water would be a crime btw!

milk chocolate hobnobs, rich teas, digestivse, custard creams, kit kats (preferably chunky, the caramel variety also), galaxy caramel, crunchies, wagon wheels, gold bars.

proper heinz ketchup (fanocoa is a joke!).

ribena, rose's lime cordial.

mr. kipling products.

coconut macaroons.

mini cheddars and twiglets.

please tell me you'll spare us the pot/super noodle.

i'll have a think and get back to you!
Ribena or any squash
Twinnings tea, Earl Grey/Lady Grey
Twix bars
Cadbury's dairy milk

and Marmite, Marmite, Marmite