Brothers Rodriguez Saa have come to a parting of the ways?


Mar 20, 2014

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A little background here - the brothers Rodriguez Saa, Adolfo and Alberto, have controlled the provincial government of San Luis for most of the period since the return of Democracy in 1983. Usually one of them is governor and the other is senator, and they trade off. As corrupt as that may sound, they have done an outstandingly good job of governing the province. Twice during my early years here, the start of the schoolyear was delayed nationwide because the teachers were being offered raises much less than the rate of inflation. Delayed in CABA and 22 of the provinces, but in San Luis, the governor stepped up and averted the crisis by giving all employees of the provincial government a raise equal to inflation plus 2%. You don't hear much in the news about San Luis, but it sems to be a nice province, with ernough light industry to provide jobs, and well maintained infrastructure.

Anyhow, during Macri's time, Adolfo, who was then Senator, chose to strike a bargain with Macri, while his brother Alberto stuck fast to his Peronist loyalties. Most probably expected that the two would reconcile once Macri was gone, but that's obviously not happening, because Alberto, whose term as governor ends this year, has nominated a different candidate to be his successor.

But if you keep reading, the article later says that Alberto has begun to distance himself from the League of Governors which supports the FdT, and aligned himself more with the governor of Cordoba, as are the governors of Entre Rios and San Juan.

Confusing enough?