Brunch in Palermo


Aug 7, 2009
Hi guys. Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on good places for a proper brunch in Palermo.

I looked through the threads and didn't find anything too recent. Any thoughts?

Olsen do a good sunday brunch. Lots to choose from, tasty food and the restaurant itself is great - great design, comfortable, relaxed with a nice private garden out the front.
What about organizing a brunch somewhere? Maybe we can do it at a park when the weather gets better, or at someone's place if somebody is willing to host?
We can set up a kind of potluck, where each of us brings some food to share.
Anyone interested?
Close to Olsen, home hotel do a good brunch with acceptable English/American breakfast and good Bloody Marys.
Novecento en las canitas does a very good eggs benedict, etc as well if you are looking for brunch options.
I have never actually eaten there but Amaranta on Junin between Las Heras and Pacheco de Melo offers brunch with American fare, bagels, muffins, etc
SFMike said:
I went to Amaranta yesterday and cleaned my plate.

I really liked the Eggs Benedict at Amaranta. They were really good!