BsAs Project: Audio Piece/Photo Essay Mar 26-Apr 5th


Mar 23, 2009
Hello, I'm going to be in BsAs from March 26th to April 5th.

I'm a freelance artist living and working out of Toronto, Canada. My current project is to produce a seven minute audio piece/photo essay about my trip to BsAs, talking to a wide variety of people about how to survive in a time of recession. I only speak English but currently sourcing a number of translators to help out with conversations. (If you are one, please let me know, as the more I have available, the better)

I am tracking down people who would be interested in speaking with me. Or people who know people. Some more info:

This is NOT a journalistic piece. It's a first-person story about a freelance artist (me) who is out of work from his regular job (making television), finding it difficult to find work because of a harsh economic climate. I head to BsAs where I have a bunch of conversations with people from all walks of life. The conversations take me all over the city, and surrounding area, where I record snippets of these talks and take lots of pictures. I am really looking for local colour, and insight. The audio and photos are edited down, put together, uploaded to the web and presented as an interactive piece.

I'd love to talk with you if...

-you are a professional from a different country, hanging out in BsAs to wait out the recession. Because of the economic situation, you've decided to step out of the grind and wait it out in an exotic city.

-the recession has forced you to totally rethink your vocation and change your life.

-you know a young Argentinean who is entering the work force, and trying to figure out his/her place in it. What is possible?

-you know someone who was involved in organizing, on an administrative level, or heavily traded with the Trueque clubs of the early 00's.

-you know or are a therapist who has worked over the past decade in BsAs.

-you know a Doctor who has worked for the past decade in Argentina. What happens to our health in times of recessions?

-you have an opinion about the recession being experienced in the West versus what happened in Argentina. (if you have ideas, please email me with them)

-an older person (perhaps in their late 60's to 80's) who has lived long enough to put this particular moment in history in perspective for me. Is it really as bad as the media presents it, is it significant, or is it a blip that will be quickly forgotten? Is it a wake-up call? And if so, what kind?

-the same question above would go to a banker, financial advisor.

-you are or know a working artist (visual, theatre, music etc.) in BsAs. Do people support art in a time of recession? Personal stories of how things have gone...

The above are examples of the people with whom i'd like to hang out with, experience some part of the city and chat. If you're interested, please contact me at misternobu at gmail dot com.

I am moving quickly to secure meetings because this has all happened overnight. I will arrive this Thursday March 26th and leave April 5th.

Please contact me right away if anything comes to you and you'd like to be involved. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks,