Buenos Aires, 10th Happiest City in the World


According to Forbes Magazine. Care to share what you find as the best thing about living in Buenos Aires or what makes you happiest about finding yourself in Buenos Aires?

Me? Because my wife is happy here!


The weather, the music, the nightlife, the food, the wine and most importantly the people.

Yes, there's dog crap everwhere, the pavements are broken, the government is useless, electricals cost too much, I can't find a good bloody mary for love nor money... but happiness isn't defined by clean pavements, efficient beauracracy and a cheap microwaves.


but happiness isn't defined by clean pavements, efficient beauracracy and a cheap microwaves.[/quote]

But a good bloody MAry puts a smile on my face. :D


I like being able to bitch all day about every trait that pops up daily in this forum; arguing with taxi drivers and choking on colectivo fumes, only noticing the smell of dogpoo on your shoe once you've ordered your coffee, compulsive hording of small change. All things that feature in my daily life, which I've grown to love. Grumbling. Which I'll still be doing as I put myself to bed, with a smile on my face, lips stained with malbec and nest of Alfajore crumbs beneath me.


You can call me a sexist but I find the best thing about Buenos Aires are the ladies. They make the days nice regardless of the weather.


EliasBB said:
a good bloody mary can be found at Bar Uriarte or at Thames 878. Enjoy!!!
Cheers for the tip, will check out uriarte.

Was a bit disappointed with bloody mary at 878, but they do a mean cocktail with beetroot juice and mustard vodka. Another reason to be cheerful - good drinks, well made and nice bars to drink them in.


best bloody mary ever.... Little Rose, Armenia1672
forget 878 and bar uriarte
What makes me happy in bsas is not having to drive!