Buenos Aires cardinal: "We have Slaves"


Mar 25, 2007
Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, "delivered a scathing analysis of the country's social reality" according to last Sunday's BA HERALD. Here are some quotes from the article: "We have slaves, the slavery of children, above all immigrants, who are subjected to being street scavengers, subjected to the drug mafias as 'mules', subjugated in the clandestine sweatshops which are all over our city, subjected to the prostitution trade, because no matter how many cases there are, no one is willing to stand up to this". The Herald article quotes the cardinal as saying that the idea that slavery had been abolished in Argentina is a "tall story". The cardinal called on the political and social leaders to "consider the whole truth and not the distorted one..." when assessing the countrty's social reality.

Argentine bishops, in recent years, have often spoken against corruption and social injustice. Is the cardinal, in the above comments, referring to Cristina Kirchner's speech at the UN and other comments she has made regarding the crisis in the US and Argentina's supposedly superior situation?