Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers 29th July


Jul 12, 2007
Hash Details for Sunday 29th July - Run ??? (somewhere between 400 and 500!)
Hares: Ivor, Beautiful Bristols, Hand of God, Baby One More Time, Bewitched
Date: Sunday 29th July
Time: 11am to run 11.30 prompt!
Bring: MUG, plate, knife,fork, running legs and drinking head
Run Site: San Isidro Bajo - Jose Penna 1028, San Isidro
Hash Fee: $12[/quote]

Car - Take Libertador out of city towards San Isidro.
Stay on Libertador until you pass Cathedral - two more blocks and you reach Primera Junta, turn left.
Cross train line on Primera Junta and turn immediately left, alongside tracks, into Pedro Mendoza.
4th right is Jose Penna. Three-and-a-half blocks to Jose Penna 1028

Train - Mitre Line from Retiro to Tigre. Get out of train at San Isidro (approx 40 min)
Get in taxi (5 min) or 15 min walk.
To walk cross tracks and walk up Belgrano approx 8 blocks until you get to Libertador.
At Libertador turn left and until you get to Primera Junta (approx 3 blocks).
Turn left and follow car instructions to Run Site

Bus - Take bus 168 to Puerto San Isidiro. Get off bus at Primera Junta and Caseros.
Walk along Caseros for 3 blocks until you get to Jose Penna.
Turn left = Run Site.

On On to 29th and Run ???

The Hares

As with all Misdirections there was a deliberate mistake!

Please note that on the car and train instructions when travelling along Libertador and arriving at calle Primera Junta please turn RIGHT and not left.

On On to Sunday and clear instructions,

The Hares
Join the drinking club with a running problem. And meet up with the expat comunity of Buenos Aires.
This Sunday in Sani Sidro we will be runniig and drinking and eating an asado all for only $12 pesos.
So join the Hash House Harriers and really start getting to know to know Buenos Aires
Sounds fun, interesting and crazy all at the same time... Can you explain the reasoning behind the name for all those not in the know?
What is this gathering? I met an expat at a party a couple of weeks ago who mentioned somthing about the Hash House Harriers. I'm good with the cutlery, plate and drinking head but not so much the running?
I live about 4 or 5 blocks from there so if anyone needs help with directions or has any other questions regarding the area, just let me know.
Hi In reply to Aussie Tim. The Hash House Harriers (so i am told )began in south east asia prior to world war 2. Ir was started by the british expat comunity(mainly Army at the time) and involved a run followed by beer and a meat dish known as hash, or at least pronouced that way(sorry not the other type of hash, There are now clubs of the hash house harriers in every major capital in the world and usually in every major city. Its a great day out,you can be a runner or a walker so fitness is not a must. And you get to meet lots of people and discover parts of the city you might never have seen otherwise.
See you all sunday