Buenos Aires is made for walking


Jun 20, 2006
Last night I walked from my place in Palermo Viejo to Puerto Madero and felt great at the end. Buenos Aires for me is a walking city and its soul is defined by tango. I always have my ipod on and walk 99percent of the time with tango classics or modern tango like Tanghetto and other lesser known electronic tango groups.

The streets at night are a mixture of beauty,sensuality ,darkness, excitement and always with the feeling of edginess that defines Buenos Aires. On these long walks I am alone with the night and the city breathing in its passion and melancholy its hopes and aspirations and always at the end understanding my city Buenos Aires a little bit more.
I also really love walking in Buenos Aires. I had to stop because of the heat, but now that it's cooling down I can start again.

I don't walk at night, only in the day and without music.
I love the fact that you can discover new statues, etc around BA by walking. In the northern burbs, you get to see all the interesting houses. BA is a very walkable place, but watch out for the cars :)
I love to walk the streets, there is always something new and exciting around every corner. Of course if you have no time pressures on you it is also a cheap way of getting around. Sometimes in the early evening it can also be the fastest way to travel.
How many touristas have missed the many beautiful Plazas and parks because they go everywhere in a taxi? and of course from the inside of a taxi it is imposible to look up and see the magnificent frontages.
Lets hope that in the building boom Buenos Aires does not loose too much of it's beauty.