Buenos Aires' unusual pizza topping

I love faina. But its not a "topping". Its an accessory layer.
I find its really best with a slice of fugazetta.
Especially at La Mezzetta.
It's one of those things like polenta; it depends on your taste. Personally, I despise faina.

I used to work upscale Italian, back in my hometown of San Diego. We had on the menu polenta with truffle oil. And every American who ordered it hated it. The Italians loved it, but to us it was just "a pile of oily cornmeal mush". I eventually started cautioning my American customers against it, which the chef would have murdered me for, if he had known.

To most Americans, cornmeal mush is a breakfast cereal, like oatmeal, cream of wheat, or hominy grits. Or the old Roman Meal, remember that stuff? That was the Cadillac of hot breakfast cereals.

It's not that garbanzos are bad. I love falafel and hummus both.
For me faina is a nice way to add variety to one slice. I typically eat 2-4 slices depending on how big the slices are. I usually like to eat one slice with faina to change up flavor/texture a bit. Obviously I would never eat it on its own nor would I enjoy it for every slice.