Builder/ constructer recomendation in BA


Jul 27, 2008
Just to say if anyone is looking to do any building or construction work in Buenos Aires I now finally have someone i can highly recommend (after all the troubles i've had with builders here in the past).
He's just completed a large project building a room and bathroom in my house and in fact he's the first person i would ever recommend to anyone after all the work i've had done to property in BA.
I was actually originally looking to have an architect manage the project, but after speaking to an architect friend of mine here he told me for a small project it's not worth getting one as they'll charge double or triple (which was the case when i got a presupuesto with one) and so he recommended me this builder. Going to a builder directly means you'll likely pay less than half of what an architect would charge in total, but then you also have to put in more work yourself in keeping an eye on the project and make a thorough contract which i did with a lawyer.
In fact i think i would have gone with an architect if i hadn't been recommended this builder as can be a nightmare if you get someone unreliable.
This guy can do traditional or dry constructions, bathrooms, kitchens and all types of structural work (reinforcement etc). He also does the finishing well as opposed to many i've seen in BA.
I would appreciate if you could give the contact numbers of the builder
Yes Fettuchini great detailed post and Im sure that many would like to have a reliable contact in the building industry here that oes not charge an arm and a leg.

Details of him are great
Sure, anyone who needs his details send me a message and i'll forward them to you
Actually better i just put his number here so anyone needing a builder can call him direct. His name is Alfredo (qualified Maestro Mayor de Obras) and his number is 15636 50940, whoever calls just say you are a friend of Edward who gave you the number.
I would recommend anyone who gets a presupuesto from him to get a detailed break down of the work involved. He is a very professional and trustworthy builder but i would still advise to make everything written clear in writing before any work is started, as with any contractor. I did this and had a pretty smooth run, and a nice change from the normal stresses i've had in BA with other builders that try to rip you off!