Builder/ Painter/ Interior Designer Recommendations?


May 19, 2012
Does anyone have any recommendations for any of the following: builders/painters interior designers?

Doing some initial research to motivate my boyfriend into his home redecoration. Is it possible to find reputable trades experts who produce good quality work? The house needs a lot of work including a new kitchen, new stairs etc- due to my lack of creativity in this area every little helps.

thanks :)
100% solid recommendation for Eduardo, painter. From BA, but lived in NY so is fluent in both languages. Works to a very high standard and very reliable at a very fair price. Extended beyond painter, were our walls were in bad shape he applied a micro fibre mesh to smooth them over before painting, quick, clean and efficient.

PM for his contact details.
For painting and decorating, I can highly recommend an english guy whom we've had working on and off for us for the last 1.5 years. He's 100% trustworthy and does great work. His name is Conrad Fay and his email is [email protected]
I know a 16 year old kid who does a great job at painting and needs work ( Spanish only) Facundo 1125602578
Susan Kennedy, who also owns Chipper fish and chip shop here, has been doing my interior design. I also have a great Architect. We are just finishing remodelling/restoring a 400m art deco property here.
It's worth hiring an architect with a good local team of workman. While it costs 20% of contract value, you will save on the workman's quotes and materials, and save yourself a lot of stress. Patricia Franco is my local Architect, and I think she speaks English too. Very professional. You can see some pics of the work in my blog, below.
Hi Steph,

if you are still looking for some interior design assistance, I am an interior designer working in Buenos Aires. Feel free to reach out directly and we can chat further. You can see some of my completed projects and my contact details on my website:

As Mano Negra mentioned, I am finishing up the interior design for his Art Deco B&B in Palermo which is soon to open for business. The project included delivering a ton of custom, art deco style furniture (beds, nightstands, desks, closets, bars, shelving, etc.) which I designed and produced with my partner Marcelo Liska who is a carpenter and furniture manufacturer.

In response to your specific question, as to whether it is possible to find reputable people that produce high quality work, the answer is you can, but they are a much more scarce commodity than other cities I have worked in. Having lived here a number of years now and having completed various types of project of different scales (including the complete build out of our own restaurant Chipper), I now have reputable tradespeople that I can count on. But it has taken a process of weeding out a great many duds to get here! It really has helped that my partner is argentine in navigating and negotiating with contractors, etc.