Burns Night and or ceilidh?


Would like to show my argentine other half a good ceilidh. Anyone know of any Burn's night activities or ceilidh's in or around BA? preferably one with a youngish crown 20's 30's.. a long shot but worth a try.


sorry guys, im argentinian, did irish dancing for 5 years, my boyfriend is irish so i know what you're talking about, no ceilidhs in pubs or anything like that, the only place where you can do that is in scottish and irish balls and festival, if you're interested ill let you know.


There's some sort of "scottish" society that hold a burns night, but i think its quite pompous rather than a proper ceilidh.

If it's anything like the dreadful "scotland" day they have in av de mayo, i wouldn't have any high hopes.

Last time i went i was informed by a scottish decendant that i'd be better going to casa rosada for a visit, than to stay around watching a bunch of old guys dressed up in army stuff with kilts parade around the streets whilst sipping cheap argy whisky!

I took his advice. :D

Rich One

Not being educated in these rituals found in the Goggle Translator...!! A kaely !! (phonetic version) is being held!

The EIYPN is holding its inaugural annual dinner and ceilidh on Saturday 27th. October at the Marcliffe Hotel & Spa. (in Edinburgh?) jejeje