Bus Transfers?


Oct 18, 2007
Are there bus transfers in BsAs?

If so, what do you say to get one :confused:
I'm trying to get from Palermo Viejo to San Telmo and as far as I can tell that takes two buses. In some countries you can get a transfer (piece of paper from the driver).

But I think BsAs may have many bus companies so maybe transfers aren't practicle....
No, there aren´t any transfers in the city. From near Palermo Viejo to San Telmo you can try the 152 bus though.
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No, no bus transfers here.
152 bus or you can try subway d and then connect to subway c and go as far as you need
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zork said:
No, no bus transfers here.
152 bus or you can try subway d and then connect to subway c and go as far as you need

Always a bad one this, The subte is by far the best way. Of course if you need to go after 10.30 at night you've had it. After that I always use a taxi, but make sure you are headed in the right direction when you take it and watch the meter. Most taxistas are honest but there are one or two.
If you check my blog someone sent me a very good comment with sites for all the busses. If you cannot find it PM me. I am in work and my company blocks my site otherwise I would direct you to the exact location.
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steveinbsas said:
Bus #29 will take you from Palermo to San Telmo...or even La Boca...

It takes a while to figure out, but there are 1 to 10 buses that will take you from where you are to where you need to go in this city. They don't have transfers because the bus lines are owned by individual private companies. Some companies may own 2 to 5 lines, but there are over 300 lines. And many lines (numbers) have multiple options.

There is a bus that takes you everywhere you need to be. You just need to buy a Guia T and study it to figure out which one(s).

suerte... it's a never-ending education
syngirl said:

I wrote a long write-up for tangobob in his blog. I've intended to clean it up and post it here, but haven't (yet).

Short(er) version:

1) http://www.comoviago.com is excellent, except for the somewhat clunky input interface and the low-quality map.

2) http://maps.google.com gives the most excellent maps and ability to scroll around quickly, but no colectivo routes (or subte or tren).

3) If you click the right spots in http://mapa.buenosaires.gov.ar/sig/index.phtml you can get it to show you all of the colectivos that go down a particular street. Unfortunately, the site can be slow, and not always do what you want. It is really hard to scroll around, for example. (The action is easy; the results are just really slow or never happen.)

4) If you know a colectivo number, http://www.xcolectivo.com.ar/colectivo/ lists every street that a particular route takes. Like found in the back of Guia T, if I recall correctly. It is nice because you can search (via your browser) for the street names of interest, particularly when there are multiple routes for the same line (29 A, B, C, ...)

For a long time, I used 2, 3, and 4 together to figure out how to get from A to B (and back). Now, I use 1 to get the bus(es) and then 2 (and 4) to understand what it happening.

My Holy "BA Colectivo" Grail would have the information of comoviajo on a Google map. I would also love to be able to ask to just see the route of a particular colectivo on Google maps as well (combining 2 and 4 above). One that shows the exact location of each stop (parada) would be the ultimate!

Guia T doesn't do it for me (or other newcomers I suppose). We want to know *exactly* where a colectivo is going, not just some 10 square block grid that it passes through at some point (without having to flip back and forth and try to read the tiny print of all of the street names). Of course, Guia T is good to have in your back pocket if you don't have your computer handy... (Or to use as a threat! See the end of paragraph 3 of http://www.micheleandtom.com/2009/06/tuesday-adventure-at-the-hospital/)