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I am wondering if there are any good business consultants out there in the manufacturing sector. I funded a start up for my wife about 4 years ago and it is growing way to fast and I think it could use some analysis and strategical consulting etc. Streamline the process and get business management in better order. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Pensador, I might be of some assistance. I started and operated a manufacturing firm (50 employees) for many years in the States. And I got to wear all the hats. I've been pretty fortunate in business and enjoy opportunities to help if I can. PM me if you'd enjoy having a call or beverage, etc.
Pensador, I am a management consultant in the strategy and analytics division of a large consulting firm. I've performed several cost savings assignments, process improvement projects, identified new revenue generating functions for businesses. I'd like to move to Buenos Aires and I believe I can help your business, PM me if you are interested. My account is new, so I the moderators will not let me send direct messages until my account is approved. Thanks.
Pensador, it sound like you have it covered, but please PM if you still need consulting. I work for a small consulting firm on exactly this- streamlining processes, process improvement, strategic design.


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If you are looking for an Argentine with a very strong grasp of running a business in Argentina and all that this entails, my brother-in-law might be a good contact. I think it would be at least be worthwhile to meet up with him and chat!