Business licenses for Brits


Nov 6, 2008
Hola a todos!

I'm altogether new on this here forum, so I'll introduce myself a little. I'm a British national who has been living and working in the Czech Republic for the last four years (despite wanting to stay for just 2 months(!)). This year I met a rather lovely Argentine girl, who turned my sights to the idea of finally getting out of the CR, and going somewhere infinitely more exotic, so the plan is to move to Bs As at the beginning of February.

My plan is to work with my sister-in-law remotely from Bs As, developing cheap-ish websites. The business model looks pretty sound, and hopefully it should set me up with a reasonable amount of finance for enjoying life in the capital of the country that bred the 'Hand of God' :) Believe me I'm certainly looking forward to it!

My issue? I'm really having some issues finding out about the ins and outs of getting a business license there. I don't want to actually start a business, only be able to invoice people when required.
Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it an absolute nightmare that takes 5 months and 50% of one's working week standing in queues as in the Czech Republic?
I would really appreciate any help with this.

Thanks in advance!
richforsyth said:
My plan is to work with my sister-in-law remotely from Bs As, developing cheap-ish websites.

What exactly do you need a license for? (And in what country?)
Well, since I'll be working out of Bs As, I assumed that I would need an Argentinian one. The idea is that all the money from the projects goes into a bank based in the CR, and I then invoice my sister-in-law for any work that I do.
Of course if you can think of a better way of working it then I'm interested to hear it. I want to keep everything above-board though.
Thanks :)
Hi Rich,

As I understand, if you are looking to be able to register as a self-employed who is able to invoice people for your services you should register for the simplest tax code that is the Monotributo. This is what many independent professionals do (psychologists, etc). The problem is that, for doing so, you need to be a citizen and have a DNI (documento nacional de identidad) or at least be a legal resident with a visa and everything. According to what you explained in your post, it looks like you won't be applying for residence right away and you'll just stay as a tourist (going in and out every 90 days, which is fine). So I would say that the easiest thing is to register your Argentine girlfriend with the Monotributo. It's rather easy, you download an application online from the AFIP and then you go to one of their branches to submit the form. Your girlfriend would have to pay approximately 150pesos per month to be registered for this tax code and she'll be able to give official invoices. She doesn't need to declare that she works with you, that would be the only trick but nobody will care about that. This seems to me the easiest way to go.

Leaving it up to you what you should or should not do in your particular situation, to the best of my understanding you do not need a license to create a website for somebody. It is not that you are a medical doctor or an accountant (these are usually regulated activities).
rich, you will be taxed where you are domiciled on your global income - the UK it seems - unless you de-domiciled to Czech and taxed there - do they have global taxation?.

If you are incorporated (ltd co or LLP) then you are taxed where the company is managed and registered.

If you are doing it to get a visa then you need some money and talk to a lawyer here - ask for a recommendation for your purpose.

...probably best to come here and see how it is before your get embroiled in formalities. You may or may not like it.
This is very true Fishface. Thanks for all your replies.. I'm going to get hold of the UK embassy there, and see what they say too.
Much appreciated people - have a great week!
You missed the Christmas Carols and gift fair at the embassy for this year, but mark your calendar for the one next year. There's also a charity ball in ~September that is (relatively) expensive, but nice.

I'm not British, but I did have a couple of cups of Twinings English Breakfast tea today and I used the expression "I can't be bothered" more than once.

(It's like staying at a "Holiday Inn Express" in the States.)