Buying a car, How to??

My famly is looking to move to Argentina in the spring for a 6 months to a year. We are wondering about the logistics of buying a car while we are down there. We will likely be on a tourist visa. Is it possible to still buy a car? What would be the best way to go about this?

Any information is appreciated.
Tina here is thread on the subject I cant write the whole issue again... Six pages on the issue

Wouldn't suggest buying a car from a private party , only through a -dealership that is Dietrich a major BA rep for Ford and VW. They walk you through the paces and provide you with a file with the Title, plates , liens if any, fines etc.They also have shops to do the Maintenance at several locations

You will need to obtain a tax id number for nonresident foreigners, no big deal. I bought a USED VW car from Dietrich cero problems. with 50 K kmts and sold it with 180 K kmts.