Buying a mattress


Feb 9, 2010
Every luxury rental advertises a Four Seasons Presidential Suite mattress, and I'm wondering where people get them (and at what cost). I've tried out La Cardeuse, which didn't impress me, and Simmons, which seemed overpriced for the quality you get. Does anyone have experiences with buying mattresses here?
Simmons here is made in Argentina. Yes, it's expensive junk.

If you like firm mattresses, consider an all-foam model. It's half the price or less.

Thanks for your help. I don't want a foam mattress. What I'd really love to know is where people are buying those Four Seasons mattresses. Thanks!
I would suggest contacting the rentals who advertise having this mattress & asking them where. Perhaps contacting the Four Seasons Housekeeping staff. We made the mistake of buying our top of the line mattresses from Simmons. We bought a total of five, Cal King, 2 queens, 2 full size and a twin. What we saw on the show room floor was not what we received. The ones delivered are cheap, poorly constructed,uncomfortable and after two years look like we have had them for ten. Naturally we are very disappointed. Good luck & please let us know what you find out.
I'm having the same dilema and hence haven't bought a matress yet...still got the old double one that I brought when I moved here from Canada. We're looking into buying a queen size, and checking out prices. The other day on I found a Canon queen size for $1200 pesos...people have told me that La Cardeuse is a little expensive, but not as Simmons. There was a store on Av Santa Fe y Av. Cordoba, called King Coil, which now moved somewhere else. I was told they had good matresses there.
It wasnt just the store that moved- the entire intersection of Santa Fe y Cordoba isnt there anymore!

Maybe you mean Callao?
damn!!!I thought the thread was "buying a mistress".....I,ll get mi coat...
Risu, I don't understand about the Simmons mattresses. If they weren't the models you paid for, wouldn't the store correct the mistake? Where did you buy them? I'm sorry to hear this story, because so far the Simmons I tried was the most comfortable.
We bought our beds (king, queen and singles) at Rosen and are terribly happy with each one! In Dec they also had a 40% off promotion - they are some of the most expensive in town - but at least it seems like you get value for what you pay. We also surely got the beds we tried out in I'd trust them too.
The address is: Libertad entre Arenales y Juncal.