Buying and Selling


Lots of us are buying an apartment, and the costs are not too bad. However do any of you have experience selling one? I'm considering buying one now and my Escribano (sort of notary public) says that the costs of selling are rather high. Might be worth hearing of your experiences or those of your friends.


depends how many properties you own. if it looks like it's a business or you've bought as a corporation you're looking at up to 30% (on a sliding scale-like any income tax) for the former and a flat rate 30% for the latter on the capital gain. There are no hard and fast rules for individuals buying and selling as a business, it's up to AFIP if they want to investigate you. If you're a non-resident then that may well happen.

otherwise it's 1.5% transfer tax and whatever the real estate agent feels like charging you.