Calling 1 800 numbers toll free with AT&T USA Direct


Aug 27, 2009
I just found out that by dialing a special AT&T number that I can indeed call US 1-800 numbers free. For years I've been dialing them and hearing that recording (in Spanish) that says the 800 number that I just dialed is toll free only within the US, and that I would have to pay regular long distance rates to complete the call. So I paid.

Not any more. Here's what you dial first from Argentine phones (and it does differ for other countries):

0800-555-4288 or 0800-288-5288

I tried it twice, and it worked great! This comes straight from an AT&T site.

The website lists other tips which I will try later, as in how to save using these numbers when calling from hotels. I am pasting the information in case it helps someone because hotel phone surcharges can be shocking.

Call From A Hotel And Save Up To 60%

For quick, clear connections back to the U.S. - without costly hotel charges or markups - don't bill your calls to your room. Instead, use AT&T USADirect® Service. Here's how it works:
  • Get an outside line
  • Dial the AT&T USADirect® access number for the country you're calling from (choose the country from the menu at the top of this page to find the access number)
  • After the prompt, dial the number you wish to reach
  • After the tone, dial your credit card or AT&T Calling Card number*
Note: In order to use AT&T USADirect® Service in some hotels, you must push a special button or ask the hotel operator to connect you.
It's also possible to call 800 numbers for free using skype (at least if you have a small skype credit).
Good point, Steveinbsas!. . . Alas, very poor skype call quality out here in the middle of the pampa using antennas over large distances. . . I am just grateful to have semi-broadband here! Other ideas?