Calling All Canadians- Interested in Going to The Can-Arg Football/Concert May 24?


As per previous post in January, Presidenta Cristina is pulling out all the stops and has planned an extravaganza for May 24 at Monumental Stadium before the match between Canada and Argentina, with Ricky Martin and Shakira taking centre-stage for the 3 pm show before the match starts at 4 pm local time. This will be Canada's World Cup in 2010, and the Argentine team will be the ultimate one (Messi, Tevez, Higuain, Macherano, etc).

I MAY have a line on a bunch of free tickets for Canadians in a good section because of certain contacts, but I would have to guarantee fair distribution. I should find out next week. In the meantime, if you want to be put on a list for possible free tickets, email me directly at

and include your full name and any contact details. IF I get the approval, I will need to pass on the list of names immediately, probably Monday the 3rd of May. If you do not trust me for some reason, you can send a pm on baexpats, and that may be sufficient for the list.

The idea is that we meet in a restaurant in Nuñez for a 12:00 lunch before the match and walk together to the stadium. I would distribute tickets directly to people on the list if the following conditions are met (will not ask for proof if you are a real Canadian, you can be an honorary one):

1. You wear RED (the more the better).

2. You swear on you grandmother's grave you will shout your lungs out for Canada.

3. You carry a cucumber :D to wave during the match (too complicated to explain here).

Some of the Canadian Embassy staff will be sitting in the the different Centanario middle-stand at the northern endzone, they have already bought tickets on their own. I understand that this area is open seating, so you could join them.

Option: You can buy your own tickets through

Hope to hear further from you.



For all those responding by sending messages (and the little jokes with them I am really enjoying) and asking for tickets, please be assured I have noted you down and you are on the list. I am finalizing arrangements, and hope to be sending you clear details as to the how/when/where next week.

Any others?

GO CANADA GO! (Never underestimate the power of the cucumber!)



Okay, have emailed (or have tried) to all who have requested tickets, with details. If you have not received it for any reason let me know.

If anyone else wants to be added to the list, let me know.


The cucumber issue makes me the hell of curiosity. Secret weapon we locals must be afraid? Subtled erotism in a football field?



Location: Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Twas myself, my brother and marc p on the way to the Belize match and it was in a weird moment. Where we said, why not bring a bunch of cucumbers to a match and hold them up. I cant remember WHY we did it, but it was a random attempt at being funny and cult started.

At the end of the game, we also handed the cucumber to Dero and it was the mvp of the game award.

Other Cucumber moments - Joe Ross from the score has nicknamed Ali Gerba "Der Cucumber Bomber"

Two things I know about cucumbers.

1. When you remember at 2 a.m. the day before a match that you were going to buy a cucumber to take with you to Kingston and you have to go to a 24-hour IGA on Bloor St. and buy one cucumber, the check out lady looks at you like you’re a pervert.

2. Someone in the above photo threw their cucumber at Benito Archundia at the end of that match. So they have other uses.