came through immigrations today from the US


Jul 10, 2007
it was like you said. ddjj, health plan, antigen test. united has an app that allows you to upload all information and will tell you are travel ready. in phx no problems, travel ready. houston had a long line to verify all documents. i stood inline for 20 minutes to verify my documents. he said look on your ticket. printed top right was travel ready. you good to go. entering argentina they did not ask for the ddjj, but asked me to show printed copy of health insurance and my vacination cards. i showed 3 shots but probably 2 would do. no request for antigen test. colombian novia had the officer leave the booth for 5 minutes and return. kept looking at the number of stamped pages. all went well, looked for my previous thread to no avail. hope this provides insite to the process. finally in ba after 2 years in my own bed. gracias a dio