Camping in Patagonia Now


Nov 21, 2008
I'm heading down to Patagonia at the end of next week --- specifically El Calafate and El Chalten. Has anyone here been down there recently --- and by recently I mean in the last couple of weeks? If so, do you think it's too cold to camp outdoors there now? Weather forecasts list daytime temperatures of around 50F degrees but the nightime lows are in the mid 30s. I'm not that experienced of a camper and don't know if camping in this kind of weather is suicide or managable with the right equipment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Camping in that weather isn't difficult, and good equipment could make it easy.
I was camping down in Viedma and Puerto Madryn last week which is much more north, but didn't even particularly need a sleeping bag at night. As mentioned if you have reasonable equipment I think you'll be fine. Mind you it has been a rather mild beginning to the autumn, so I guess that's to be considered. Have fun anyway!
you should be fine, but dress warm, just in case! I did a similar trip a few years ago and it was amazing. Have fun!

By the way, how are you getting down there? Bus or plane? I recommend flying but a lot of people like the cross-country bus trip to see the sights. I think it's better to save the time and energy by getting there quickly.