can anyone recommend a spanish school?


Apr 17, 2009
I am 31 yrs old and will be moving to BA in a couple of weeks from NYC. Looking to take intensive classes at a school that has many different levels simultaneously. Anyone have any experience with this?

Also, what neighborhoods are the most central to nightlife and culture without being too touristy?
Hi Steve well my boyfriend goes to Instituto uiversitario de lenguas modernas, he pays 180 dolares a month and he goes everyday an stay there for like 3 hours, he likes it and finds it very good. they have like 6 levels. in his classroom there's people fro every age group.
The price is the cheapest around and the teaching isn't bad, I was talking to an argentinia friend of mine and she was astound when she heard he pays only 180, other courses will cost around 450 dolars for the same amount of days and hours.
Well check it out anyway in the web and see what suits you best.

I am afraid I can't tell you much about the night life because I am looking to experience a bit of it myself... I live in Palermo and I heard there's good night life around here. Other places might be : Las Canitas and San Telmo

hope you found it useful.
Thanks sonygael! I will check out the school you recommend. Do you know what neighborhood it's in?

I have also heard good things about Palermo as well as Barrio Norte. Hoping to live walking distance to where I take classes.
On last trip to BA, I met several people going to various spanish schools and also working with private tutors. Seems the prices of the schools vary as much as the instruction. Has anyone tried the Rosetta Stone program to learn spanish before moving there?
I can recommend one to avoid -- Expanish. Though the teaching was adequate, the place is hugely overpriced and attracts mainly American teens and early-twentysomethings who want to continue their US campus life in Buenos Aires. As a result the school treats everybody like they are 14 years old and away from home for the first time.
Have heard Rosetta Stone isn't that good. I have had good experience with Michel Thomas CDs.
Anyone know of any good schools that are in or walking distance from eastern Palermo/Barrio Norte?
There are free Spanish courses at the Lenguas Vivas in Retiro that are very good.