Can I really make it work?


Mar 19, 2008
So, I am going to ask a redundant question. There is a chance that I have a connection to work in one of the private schools in BA, which I know is a more consistent way to make money as opposed to public schools. However, if these connections do not work, can I really come down there and make a living teaching? Is there anyone that is doing that? Do I really need TEFL? What the heck is everyone doing down there if they are not teaching? And, who wants a smart, ambitious person with a good resume to help them in those businesses :) ?
I'm a cinematographer and I'm still picking out the odds and ends. This job pays a lot more than the average salary here but the problem is, it takes time to get that ball rolling. I've made a lot of excellent contacts but it is just the matter of time and patience, and for the meanwhile, you'd still have to do your other jobs here and there, like I'm working with computers, IT related, and still photography jobs at the moment. My resume is very good to excellent and people are impressed with my reel, but nothing is set on stone until you get that green light, and that can be strenuous if you do not have the patience. As far as making a living at teaching, you'd have to be at a pretty prestigious institution or take on a lot of teaching jobs since teachers here do not make that much to live on. You should be ready with a special or secondary skill to fall back on. That's my 2 cents.