Can I still enter Argentina with my child’s birth certificate?


If you are asking if you can still enter as a "Direct Family Member", then yes...

Direct family members of Argentine-citizens and of Argentine residents that do not need a visa to enter Argentina as a tourist (*).

  • Original birth, marriage, or common-law certificate issued by a government authority and legalized by this office to demonstrate the relationship to the Argentine citizen. (*) Unmarried or Non-registered Couples: Sworn Affidavit before a notary public and two witnesses acting as a record of the couple’s relationship. When one of the members of the couple is in Argentina and the other abroad, each one must prepare a Sworn Affidavit separately, and both must be shown to the airline. The Affidavits done in Argentina must be legalized by the ‘Colegio de Escribanos’ (College of Notaries Public). The Affidavits done abroad must either be Apostilled or legalized by the Consulate General of Argentina.
  • Copy of the Argentine DNI of the person you will visit in Argentina.
  • Flight reservation showing arrival and departure
  • Letter of request briefly explaining the need to travel, departure and arrival dates, place of stay in Argentina and all relevant information.
  • Online Affidavit available on the 'Dirección Nacional de Migraciones' website, 48 hours before travelling:
  • COVID 19 test showing a negative result, 72 hours before international travel.
  • Medical insurance including coverage in case of hospitalization and isolation in Argentina due to Covid-19.
  • Installment of the CUIDAR App, 48 hours upon arrival in Argentina.
  • Quarantine: All travelers must comply with a 10-day quarantine from the day of the negative PCR test.
  • A fee of ARS 9.000 (nine thousand Argentine pesos) will be paid per foreigner upon arrival in Argentina (in accordance with Article 1, Item m of Decree 865/2019)