can you give me some advice?


Dec 22, 2009

I am Gabriela, I am from Buenos Aires but left Argentina 8 years ago, I lived in many countries in Europe, I am currently living in Brussels, working as a press officer in an European organisation and processing mymove back to Buenos Aires or Santiago for personal reasons and I am finding it is a very complicated decision. The reasons to leave are many and important but I am quite "rooted" in this continent as well, so I am trying to make up my mind about it.

I hope your life experience in Argentina is a favorable one, that you enjoy the positive sides to life and can ignore the disadvantages.

I would like your advice on the job situation, I have only contacted Korn Ferry Consultants and checked some websites for job seekers. How do you consider the job situation in Buenos Aires or Santiago ? Can you give me some ideas of how to start my jobhunting? I feel a little lost because Im still trying to process the decision and I will be quite demanding about the conditions of my move. I find it is going to be hard for me to readapt to Buenos Aires and people's mindset there. I will get the warmth and the lively way of relating with others that porteños have but I will have to leave a lot behind too. Thank you for taking the time to answer...