Can you make local calls with Skype?


Feb 12, 2009
Does anyone know if it's possible to use Skype for calling around BA? It's so much cheaper than buying minutes for my cell phone.

Has anyone cracked the code on how to do this, and if so, how?
Charge your Skype account, make you have an Internet connection, and call.
Yep, we use Skype to call locally everyday. I have a Skype Unlimited World and I use it to call everywhere including back to US and here locally in BsAs. I think it was $10 a month when I got it, not sure.

Only thing is, this does not cover calls to cell phones here in Argentina. You'll have to add Skype credit for that.

Hope that this helps
It's easy to make local calls with any Skype account.

Click "call phones" to open a new call box.
Choose "Argentina" from the dropdown list. This automatically dials the +54 for you.
Dial 9 11 and then the 8 digit number (note that the 11 replaces the 15 you might otherwise use for a cell phone).

There is a whole Skype message board dedicated to this topic here.
yes you definitely can! I called for empanadas last night on skype!
I've found that it's easy and worth it to call landlines. I've had difficulty in the past with calling cell phones (and I think it drains the person's cell phone you call at the same time). But with the instructions above, I'll try-try again.
Yes, if u call a cell phone it will use up the person's credit.
I thought I read on one of the threads that the person calling is the one whose minutes are used ... not the receiver.

Anyway, I tried EliA's instructions and they worked beautifully for a local phone call (to a cell) using Skype.
Yes, the person that calls from a cell phone uses up their credit. Bur if you call a cell phone from skype or a locutorio you will be consuming the person's credit. Only calling from a landline doesn't use up the person's credit.
Since calling on Skype is equivalent to calling from an international phone, a call made to an Argentine cell will definitely use the other person's credit.