Canadian nurse wanting to work...


Jun 5, 2009
Hello! I'm new to this site and have been searching ofr some time for any info about Canadians obtaining work visas in Argentina. Also if anyone has any tips about working as a nurse specifically I would love to hear about it. thanks!
I don't know about obtaining a work visa for Canadians. But I have a friend whose fiancee is a doctor in a public hospital and just got tenure there, he said she is making $1,800 pesos a month I would expect a nurse would be paid less.
I don't know how it is in Canada but in the US nurses make good money, here you can expect barely enough to live on. If you speak Spanish well, and can find an employer who will give you a contract you could get the work visa. I don't know about working in the black at a hospital.
Countrys like the UK or Australia, have huge nurse shortages
and have special fast-track visas for candidates backed by an employer...

Here it is a bit more difficult, I mean am sure you could get work within the expat community but most likely under the table..... although am not an expert....

The only way as I see to make some money is to take care in a private way for people who need care at their homes you can get in touch with them in prepaids as Clinica del Sol or even in Privates Hospitals also advertising in LA Nacion newspaper or The Buenos Aires Herald even at craigslist
all the best