Canon Battery Charger WANTED


Apr 30, 2006
Did your Canon camera get stolen or break and you still have the charger? The charger I´m looking goes with Canon Lithium Ion NB-5L batteries from the following Canon digital cameras: SD700IS, SD790IS, SD800IS, SD850IS, SD870IS, SD880IS, SD890IS, SD900, SD950IS, SD990IS, SD970IS & SX200IS.

My battery charger was stolen in the States before I had time to replace it. I am not interested in universal chargers, as they are clunky and do not travel well. I can offer you 50 pesos for the used charger and bake you banana bread or cookies as a thank you.

If someone is coming from the U.S. and would be willing to bring me the charger (I´d buy it on Amazon and have it sent to your home address), I would be happy to pay you a small fee for your trouble and show you around the city or bake you something. I have been living here since 2006 and am a great resource! I would also be happy to make hotel recommendations or call to reserve a guide, a tango show, etc.