Can't get a mobile plan anymore?


Jan 14, 2013
So I spend 4-6 months a year here and always get a mobile plan for that time and cancel it when I leave.

But I went to activate my line today and was told that you now have to have a DNI to get a monthly plan. Is this right is there no other option then getting a pay as you go sim?
They have good coverage and good 4g. Just came back from 1 week in Tigre on an island...4g was spotty on the island, but in Tigre it was good. Order sim card from their web site. I have used them for two years with no complaints.
I have to add one detail...I can't say for sure about the dni issue. That may still be a problem.
They have good coverage and good 4g.

My experience with Tuenti was not so good. It is a budget brand of Movistar. When you are trying to connect to towers, Tuenti clients have lower priority than normal Movistar clients. I work in downtown. If I said that I wanted 4G, Tuenti always connected to a tower in Belgrano and Internet was basically unusable. If I set it to be 2G, then phone connects to a closest Movistar tower, but for calls only.

Prepaid Claro has 2Gb/10 days for 110 pesos add-on plan. Just in case if you can consider using Whatsapp or Skype for most of your calls.
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thanks for the advice guys. I think Ill just get my girlfriend to get me a plan in her name, as all the family is on movistar so need it for the calling between phones. Cheers
I know when I visited in October I could not activate my Claro sim that I bought . I stopped in the Movistar office as well and they told me you need a DNI.
So a little update on this if anyone is interested. You can activate a sim with just a passport (at least with Movistar, I imagine Claro is similar). No need for a DNI. However, you need to go to one of the main Movistar offices. I went to the one at Avenida Santa Fe 1844. I checked in and they sent me upstairs. About 30 minutes later they called my name. The woman was very familiar with the process. However, it did take a little while (2 hours) to go fully active and be able to use it. Also, she did not put the APN settings in so I could use the data network but I found them on google. (PM me if you don't know what this is/need help setting it up).