Does anyone know of a place or person who teaches capoeira in the city?? The only other post I could find is two years old and references a man who was teaching in a park near palermo, but was not specific enough about where he taught. Does anyone know anything about this? It was "near a lake near the monkey bars" but I am new to the city and not familiar enough with the parks to know where this is. Anyway- and references would be welcome!
Also, references for adult modern dance classes would be welcome as well! (I am here to study dance and movement.. if you can't tell :)


I have seen a capoeira centre when travelling on the 55 bus. I can't remember exactly which street it is on, but if you walk up Thames between Cordoba and Corrientes (possible a little further) going out of Palermo to the west you should see it on the right hand side. It's a green building with a sign saying 'Associacion Capoeira Argentina' or something along those lines.