Car Boot Sale


Jun 14, 2007
Hello everyone,The Argentine-British Community Council (North Riverside District) is organising a Car Boot Sale which will take place next Sunday, September 2nd, at St. Andrew's Scots School in Punta Chica (Av. Libertador and Bolivar). This is north of San Isidro. All proceeds go to charity (BABS - British And American Benevolent Society).The event starts at approximately 10:00 am and should be on until about 5:00 pm. My duty? To help cook the lomo hamburgers and chorizos. Most people there speak English, so it should be fun! It would be nice to see you all there!
Hi Ernie
I'd like to pop along to that, sounds fun. I'm an ex pupile of St Andrews (1974).
Is it at the school itself or the rugby pitches?
I hope you cook a mean choripan!
Hello Marc!So you're an alumni! Well, nobody's perfect... lolThe entrance is right next to Andy's pub. I can't remember if he graduated in '74, but you'll find Bob Daintree at the parrilla as well!, and MANY others. I'm sure you are aware of this, but the St. Andrew's Former Pupils Club has its own webiste!
Cheers! See you there!Ernie
Hello everyone!I have just returned from the car boot sale, which was a great success. A lot of money was made for charity (mainly the British and American Benevolent Society, BABS), so all our hard work paid off! We cooked some 80 kilos of loin, 400 chorizos and 600 hamburgers!
I also had the pleasure of meeting Marc and his charming wife! I'm glad you could make it and hope to see you again soon!After all the work was done, we all celebrated our own luck for being able to help those who cannot help themselves. A great time was had by all.There will be another car boot sale in November.Right now, we're planning to hold a "70's Disco" party. I am responsible for the music (I've got tons of it!). Come along and we'll turn Buenos Aires into a "Disco Inferno", or a "Boogie Wonderland", if you "Love the Nightlife", that is....CheersErnie
"Ernie" said:
Right now, we're planning to hold a "70's Disco" party. I am responsible for the music (I've got tons of it!). Come along and we'll turn Buenos Aires into a "Disco Inferno", or a "Boogie Wonderland", if you "Love the Nightlife", that is....
Hello Ernie:
Where are you hosting this disco music party? I don't dance, but enjoy listening to this music very much (I recently watched "Saturday night fever" and "can't stop the music" again). Will it be held before October? What about some karaoke too? Thanks!
PD Congratulations for the big success today!
Hey Fishface!,I'm glad you could make it and enjoyed the chorizo and wine! I was the fatso flipping hamburgers, with grey hair and a red apron on (God, that sounds decadent...)
There is no definite date for the Argentine-British community to Boogie Oogie Oogie, so may I suggest we do it as an event for the expats? We could definitely do some karaoke, too!These chaps (MC Karaoke) are close friends of mine, real professionals, and would guarantee a great time for everybody. What do you reckon?CheersErnie
You did a great job on Sunday and it was a pleasure to meet you.
Adriana and I enjoyed your infectious humour and look foward to getting together again sometime. Not sure about the 70's night. It will depend on the date as I fractured my leg in 2 places playing football, just an hour or so after leaving the boot sale!
Maybe at 50, I should know better! Trouble is, I play football like I used to play rugby.
Keep up the good work!
Marc and Adriana
Ouch!That's got to hurt! I am really sorry to hear about that! I had something similar happen to me in Nov. 2005. I had convulsions (for the first time in my life, out of stress, the doctors say), fell to the ground unconscious and dislocated and fractured both shoulders. It was horrible. I used to play rugby when I was younger, and never had any injuries at all.... About the 70's night, we can make it a Karaoke night instead!My surrogate Grandfather lives in Benavidez, just a couple of blocks away from the train station, on San Martin street, so I'm there on a regular basis. We could definitely get together for tea and biscuits!CheersErnie