Card Counting At The Local Casinos ???

D.B. Cooper

Oct 7, 2012
Anybody tried card counting at the local Casinos ???
I'm reading a book on it.
What's life without a little mischief !!!
Never been to a casino here, but it's practically not possible anymore in almost all casinos. In contrast to the famous MIT days, today you are dealing from several decks and don't play through all of them, so even if you count perfect and play the maxEV strategy, your edge will be minimal, if it even exists. To use edges like that to actually make money, you'd need to switch the betting amounts extremely and as soon as you do that, a friendly casino employer comes to you and either limit your bets or deny further playing.
The only way to "earn" something in such pure -EV casino games are either jackpots which grew so big that playing becomes a positive expected value or if you are using a game where you break even/slightly -EV but get huge comps, e.g., playing high stakes in Vegas to get a nice suite.
Forget card counting in BA Casinos. Automatic shufflers render it almost useless. Also, they don't deal a hole card for the dealer, the dealer takes a second card AFTER everyone has acted. Throws off the entire game.