Carrying large sums of cash - how to


Jul 18, 2009
Avoid traditional wallets. Spread your money in small portions in several front pockets.

I have also found a soft Plumier = Pencil case extremely useful


measure in cm. Fit for U$S, AR$, Euro, DKK, Chilean pesos.

Run belt through loop, stick plumier inside trousers - careful when having sex with strangers :D

I bought one in Mexico ages ago and had the above made to measure by a shoemaker in Argentina @ AR$ 40,- (you want a very durable loop strap)
Hey Guys,

If you needed to get large amounts of cash from a US account, say to pay rent, while you are here in BA, how would you do it? I know the ATMs have a very tight limit. Can I just go to any bank around? Have any of you guys done this?
Good luck - it's not easy:mad: Unless you have a local account, you can't just go in to the bank to withdraw money. If you bank with an international bank (Citi, HSBC, etc) you *used* to be able to take large amounts out of the ATM at once (Citi was 3.000 pesos a day). Lately however, I haven't been able to do this.

If your rent is large, plan on several trips to the ATM to get it all out.
How about going into hsbc and withdrawing money over the counter? I have a ATM card that's been cancelled so that's not an option.

of course, I'd have to take into account that my passport photo shows me clean shaven and I'd finally arrive at the hsbc teller with a good beard from all the waiting. :)
HSBC in Argentina is not connected totally w/ say HSBC North America....they are like a "franchise" the rules of money withdrawl, transfers etc are set here in Arg. It is unlikely that you can just go to the counter and get cash.
my name's Neil! :)

yeah, I suspected HSBC here wasn't like walking into a high street hsbc in the UK.
jp said:
You can buy up to 2500 dollars at banco piano using an international debit card. Handy for paying rent if its in dollars, plus you can change dollars all over town at good exchange rates. Just check

Don't forget the commission, which us 2% I believe...
esllou said:
my name's Neil! :)

yeah, I suspected HSBC here wasn't like walking into a high street hsbc in the UK.

Hola Neil....!!!!