Casa de Cambio.


Sep 26, 2007
This afternoon I went hunting for the illlusive Casa de Cambio. I was told to go to the Banco de Frances. After waiting in line for about 20 minutes. I was told they do not change dollars. I was told that down Santa Fe avenue about 6 block is was a place called Planet that makes change. Anyway I ended up using the ATM.
Does any one know where I can exchange dollars for pesos? I live in Palermo Hollywood on Guatemala and Carranza.
mis pies son cansados.
In my experience ( ok maybe limited ) it is easier to spend dollars than pesos. We always bring dollars and just a few pesos for tips. As your time goes on you will get a few pesos in change but dollars are always welcomed.
Wait - are you talking about the money exchange place called Paris on Santa Fe btwn Supacha & Esmeralda? They definitely exchange pesos for dollars. I was just there last week & exchanged money & they had a good rate - 3.15 I believe.