Casa Foa is interesting but don't use a credit card


The Casa Foa design exposition was interesting, as usual, however I made the mistake of using my Citibank debit card to charge three admission tickets. The seller charged me twice - once correctly, the other time for an extra $160 pesos. I had a feeling that he was doing somethingf wrong. I have complaioned to the bank but CASA FOA seems to have NO telephone number.


Sergio; Casa FOA. is Organized by an NGO - the Fundación Oftalmológica Argentina (F.O.A) Jorge Malbran, as a fundraising event .

You can contact them directly with your complaint I suppose..

Fundación Oftalmológica Argentina Jorge Malbran
Azcuénaga 1077 - Planta Baja B
(1115) Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Teléfono 4822-1697