Casas de cambio for US dollars


Apr 22, 2011
Gotta pay rent in US dollars and need to find a good exchange place that will convert pesos to dollars at (cough) "reasonable" rates. Went to a small one in Belgrano and was quoted 4.5. This seemed really high. Has anyone done it recently and can recommend another place? Thanks.
Micro Center has it for about AR$4.27(50) : US$1

Calle Reconquista & Sarmiento might be your best bet.
I recomend (again) banco piano in san martin st, they have a good service to customers.
You can pay to your landlord in PESOS to the change equivalent to the sale price of the Banco Nacio (National Bank) of the day before.

e.g. last friday
Banco Nación 4.220 4.260.

Legally the CANNOT reject pesos! and more if you argue difficulties geeting us dollars as a foreigner.
Damiancho said:
Legally the CANNOT reject pesos! and more if you argue difficulties geeting us dollars as a foreigner.

Legally speaking, it's perfectly OK for them to demand dollars if the rent in the contract is stated in dollars. This resolution made payment in dollars possible:

Interprétase que la Ley 23.928 ha derogado el segundo párrafo del artículo 1º de la Ley 23.091, pudiendo las partes contratantes determinar la moneda de pago de los alquileres o arrendamientos que acuerden.

However, I suppose at the end of the day, pesos are better than nothing...
I understand that you can establish a lease contract in a currency diferent to pesos but doesn't speaks about paying in pesos with the equivalent.

Also if due to a newest legal regulation you cannot buy dollars... you will pays in pesos and they will need to acept or wait until the situation becomes more calm ;)
If you have a rental contract that requires payment in dollars, use your passport and the contract for the rental to explain your need to purchase dollars. As of Monday, you might need to explain your dealings to an AFIP agent. So what? You have a legitimate reason to purchase dollars.

In any case, you are permitted to buy up to U$S5000 per calendar month as a non-resident in notes, checks or travellers' cheques without the BCRA's approval from any entity approved by the BCRA to deal in currency.

Has anyone had trouble purchases dollars for rentals paid in dollars since the changes, showing your legitimate reason for doing so?
Good advise!

Yes do as Dennisr said, then sit on the fence and enjoy the show. :D