cashing out bitcoin while not being a resident



Anyone using cryptocurrencies here? i work in blockhain industry and receiving a payments in cryptocurrencies. BTC -> ARS rate is just incredibly good and i was wondering if someone have experience making this exchange without having a residency here? Maybe there is some particular bank which would a open an account without a residency?


I think you need to have a DNI to use the local crypto exchanges like Ripio. But perhaps you can cash out at one of the Bitcoin ATMs? I haven't used them myself, but as far as I can see, all you need is a local telephone number to receive a text message. I think the rate is lower, but it might be worth trying.


The crypto exchanges are regulated so you'll need a DNI to use them. Same with banks. Maybe find someone trustworthy who wants to exchange pesos for crypto.


there have been threads on this here already, but from my experience i could not create an account on the bitcoin exchanges here because i'm not an Arg citizen. wasn't able to open one just with a DNI as a resident


The local bitcoin group is having a meetup Friday, the topic is "cryptomonedas y cepo" so it's relevant. It may be a good place to ask (in person) about selling btc for pesos.



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