Cat door


Ok, so I highly doubt I'll find something like this here but I figure it's worth asking about.

has anyone seen cat doors like this here:

it's a panel that sort of slides in next to your sliding glass door so that you don't have to cut any holes in the glass or walls.

I guess I could find out about getting one made too...



*nevermind, just saw your edit :) *

hmm - did you see one that includes the full glass panel above it? its to avoid actually cutting into the glass door - instead, you fit this panel in that has the cat door at the bottom.

I checked mercado libre already but i'll look at that pet shop too. thanks!


Haven't seen them. But maybe you can buy the standard one, and then get a wood panel cut at Easy for it. Should not be too difficult to build one that way, but you'll have to figure a safe way to secure it to the door frame.