Cat Litter Silica Crystals


Apr 28, 2009
Does anyone know where to buy Silica Crystal Cat Litter?

I am so sorry to post such a dull topic, but if you have a cat and have ever used this type of litter you will never go back to the clay clumping stuff. The silica crystals I am talking about are clear crystal like and absorb all the vile smelly stuff in cat pee. The liquid part simply evaporates. You only clean out solids and move around the crystals. You change the litter only once a month and there is absolutely NO SMELL. No matter how well you clean out the clay clumping litter there is always that "you have a cat" smell.

So if anyone can give a tip on where to find it you would be my hero! Here are links to the type of litter I mean from the USA:
I have not seen this type of litter....I have found one I like and it is the clump kind but once you take the "solid" and "liquid" out there is NO smell! We are out so I don't have the bag to give you the brand name. As soon as I get another bag I will post the name for you. It is a finer sand type dust and my cat is much happier with this than the white chunky rock stuff that is the main type of litter I have seen here.

I would suggest you try any of the larger Royal Canine/Vet Stores...they have a larger selection of items and might even be able to order it for you if it's imported into the country. Or even Jumbo's or Carrfour perhaps.
Okay the cat litter we use is called, "Delicat"...Minerales Puros Seleccionados...4KG bag...and we paid 12 pesos per bag. It lasts a long time as you just scoop out the "solid" or "liquid" and there is NO is like a fine sand and my Solomon prefers this the the whiter rock junk we first got.

It's in a large white plastic bag, with built in garfield cartoon type cat on the front w/ blue background and black writing below the cat.