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May 31, 2008
So, outside of a bar in Palermo a girl hopped out of a taxi, put her cat on the street in front of about 20 people outside, and said she was leaving Buenos Aires and needed someone to take it, ran back into the taxi, and drove away. No one seemed to care, so I took her home with me. I'm not crazy for cats, but this one is adorable. She spent about 2 hours chasing her tail and then passed out in various places for remainder of the day. She is no where near full grown. I do not know enough about cats to know how old she is (but I would say no more than 3-4 months). She is clean, healthy, and friendly, yet she is nameless and homeless! I will be leaving BA for the states in 3 weeks and want someone to take her. One thing I am not sure of is vaccinations. By the way she has been today, I assume that her past owner took care of her well, and did give her vaccines, however, If I don't hear from any one sooner than Monday, I will take her to the vet myself.

If you or anyone you know are interested in bringing her to your home, please let me know. I live on Cordoba between Gurruchaga and Serrano, please email or call me to meet her- [email protected], 1132764379


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Evan, Bless you for saving this oh so cute kitty!! Good karma for sure!! If I could I would take her in a heartbeat...but our big guy kitty is a solo gato only...we have tried....

I am sure you will locate a good home for her....last ditch effort is to see if any of the Vet's might take her to kennel and adopt her out...just be sure they won't put her down if she's not adopted right away.
She is so cute! I wish I could take her but with two small crazy dogs I have my hands (and apartment) full! I will ask around.
Evan, you are good man. I am sure the kitty will find a good home, thanks for making a difference.
Good on you Evan. Can't believe how harsh they can be. We would be really keen to take her off your hands but need to check that we are allowed a cat in our flat first!
Will keep you updated
I actually feel sorry for that poor girl as well. She could have just left it on the street in front of her apartment but it seems like she had made some unsuccessful efforts to find a good home. In my mind she was on her way to the airport and this was her one last best hope to find a good home, she looked out the rear window of the cab with tears in her eyes, hoping someone would pick it up and take it home. At least that's the way I like to view the world. (I don't want to hear from those who disagree :p )
Just want to bump this up, so others can view this beautiful BA cat!!! I am sure she will find the perfect home!!! Whoever adopts her please post it here...

Having to find a new home for your beloved pets is the hardest thing...I was able to and my dear Sasha is now even more spoiled, if possible, with her new family! She had kennel fear and I couldn't take the chance to ship her here.....hardest thing to give her up...but the right thing....I am sure this poor girl was beside herself...and is still thinking about the cat....she put her out in the best place...she found a stranger with a heart!!
Still no home for baby Inca (your too late, I got to name her!)
Im taking her tomorrow to get her vaccines so you dont need to worry about that...
I put a couple more photos up
Hi Evan,
Um let's see, in the pictures she has a pretty red collar - perhaps you got that for her? Hhhmmm let's see you've relented and named her a totally darling name...Inca? I would say you are hooked! She is soo sweet and you are too. Take her with you to the States - and I don't say that just so lightly. We got a cat in Australia, while my husband was working there. Then we got transferred to Bangkok, Thailand. Three years later we got transfered to Munich, Germany. And now we have been transferred to BA for 3 months. Miss Kitty has come with us to every country. Yes, it took a lot of research, vaccines, on one occasion a complicated lab test, long haul flights and all in all we have probably spent around 2,000 USD on all the different moves just on her. But she is ours and we wouldn't dream of going somewhere without her! She has settled in quite quickly in our apartment here and all the hassles are worth it when she cuddles by our feet and purrs loudly at the end of a long day. Evan, I promise you - your life will be better with a cat and you will just miss her terribly if you really leave without her.......
The USA is the one country we have not yet taken our cat. But I believe they are quite open to taking animals as long as they are properly vaccinated against rabies and feline RCP and you have the proof. Australia, New Zealand and the UK are the most difficult countries with long quarantines that make it almost impossible to take in a pet. But I believe the USA is not that way. Has anyone else already taken a cat or dog back to the USA from BA - Please can anyone else help Evan?