Cedula/"New" DNI


Aug 28, 2009
Does anyone (Expat with Permanent Residency & DNI) have experience with obtaining a Cedula de Identidad? I am a permanent resident with DNI and want to get the Cedula so that I do not have to carry the DNI in my wallet. The documents needed (DNI, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Application Form) are listed at: http://www.argentina.gov.ar. Of course any non Argentine/non Spanish document must have an apostille and be translated/legalized. I was wondering if anyone had personal experience with obtaining the Cedula.

The other question is if anyone (Expat with Permanent Residency & DNI) has had experience obtaining the “new” DNI. The “new” DNI is issued as the passport type book AND a “wallet card” which seems to me to make the Cedula obsolete. The requirements for the “new” DNI are listed at: http://www.nuevodni.gov.ar/. Seems like all you (extranjeros) need is your old DNI, 2 photos and $40. I think that I will try the “new” DNI route.

Any info/insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
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