Channel 9 reporter got his phone stolen on live Tv


Feb 27, 2020
I saw that!

The word BOLD comes to mind.

The thief, as brief there was a view of him, seemed to be attired in a manner above the need to steal. He seemed to be of good health, demonstrated by his ability to gallop like a gazelle. The reporter needs some time in the gym if he wants to compete with his their should there be a replay in the future. I will add, thief had the element of surprise working for him as well.

NOW >>> To be completely serious:

What this video showed was revolting. I don't care how much one has or does not have, it's wrong to steal. And on another level it is a violation of another. This is sad stuff that can happen anywhere. And the best I can add is that one must try to always be prepared for the unexpected. (Much easier said than done. I am not sure I would have done much better than the reporter. But, I know I could have run a lot faster.)