ChapStick - Where to find?

I met one guy who told me he bought it in Chile? Not sure, though.

I'm also a Chapstick addict. I'll be arriving in Buenos Aires on May 17. If you'd like for me to bring you a box (ha!), let me know.
Personally, I'm a BLISTEX person and I have about 6 rolls in a backup drawer. (I know that that doesn't help you.)

I'll keep a lookout for a place closer than Walmart.
Lee said:
I always boycotted Walmart in the USA but I am willing to make an exception if they actually have that here (I will only buy that 1 item).
Don't be a moron!! If you find the stuff, buy more than just ONE!!

Lee said:
I am no moron sir!

I was saying that would the only item I would buy at that hellish evil place (but I would buy 20 of that 1 item)!! :cool:

hummmmm... will you go through the fast check out? :D
I've been missing the stuff too (well, my Burt's Bees to be more exact) so I just ordered some off of ebay and made sure they did international shipping. Not too expensive (I think around $12 USD including shipping for 4). Now I just need to be patient.